Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY Pop-up Book

I had to create a pop up book for my Graphics class right after spring break.
The graphics/pages are 100% designed by me from scratch,
printed off on thick glossy paper at Office Depot.
And completely assembled by me.
The backing for the book is from a book I disassembled.
I could have created the backing from scratch as well using cardboard or matboard
but choose to go ahead and use the backing from an existing book for better durability.I wrote this story for my daughter , she LOVES monkeys!Its hard to read the story in the photos so I'll post it below the photos.

First I folded the 8 1/2 x 11 pages 'hamburger style' and
created my pop-ups inside, then glued the backs of the pages together
using rubber cement to prevent bubbles.
The first spread and last spread have just plain white card stock folded
and glued to them which were later glued to the
'inside' of the covers to hold the pages inside the book.

I tore out all the pages from a book I got at the dollar store.
I pre-folded the cover around it (printed on 14x17 paper i believe)
then painted rubber cement all over the outside of the cover and
wrapped the print cover around like a present.Then like I mentioned above I glued the two cardstock flaps into
the inside to cover where the rough edges from the outside cover were exposed.
& by gluing one flap to the front and one to the back, since the other pages
were glued back to back, it holds all the pages inside the book :)
"Mark the messy monkey,
is quite a messy monkey."

"He eats bananas all day long
and throws the peels around"

"His other animal friends warn him to clean up his big mess,
but Mark the messy monkey just ignores their request."

"Then one day Mark the monkey was swinging tree to tree,
when he slipped on a slimy banana peel which made him fall out of the tree!"

"That was the day Mark the monkey learned what not to do.
Leaving messes is dangerous even for monkeys just like you."

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